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Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology is helping Humans Daily

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We humans have always relied on technology for making our lives easier because machines have easily taken over our lives, and one would argue that it has indeed made everything better for us. I would very confidently bet that the first a person does when they wake up is check their phone; I myself do that. Another thing I have discovered myself doing is that I also check my watch. Not for the time, but to see how well I slept. The watch I am talking about is an Apple Watch, which is a smart wearable device that tracks all of our movements. It is like having a Smartphone on our wrist. Below I have listed out some advantages of smart wearable technology.



They have an amazingly sensitive touch screen, which is brilliantly clear. We can see whatever the watch tracks for us. It knows how much we have walked, how many calories we have burnt, etc.


It has an optical heart rate sensor, which can sense our heart beats much better than any kind of heartbeat sensor out there. They say they have some of the most accurate sensors of all time. These sensors can also tell us our blood oxygen levels and also they can alert some authorities if the person wearing it experiences a fall or an accident.


One of the best features that I love to use is the swim feature. If we turn it on and go swimming, it can track how many calories we have burnt and also how much distance we have covered, just by being on our wrist. It does this very accurately, I must add. Needless to say, the device is undoubtedly waterproof. It has a feature where it expels water using sound waves if any water gets into the speaker grills.


It houses one of the best and one of the most scratch resistant screens on the market because it houses a sapphire crystal screen.


Let’s go back to when I said “it is like having a phone on your wrist”, I was not joking, you can make calls, take calls, send voice messages, etc. because it houses an amazing speaker and a microphone. You can even send and receive messages and emails constantly as it has a multi-touch screen which is actually big enough to do all of this.


Have I mentioned it is also very aesthetically pleasing and feels amazing on the wrist?


In my opinion, smart wearable technology has only scratched the surface, and it is already so groundbreaking. Just imagine how better it can get. And when it does, it will be like we are living in a Sci-Fi movie.