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How to choose your web hosting?

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choosing the right web hosting company

Many web site admins do not know which web hosting to choose in 2020. It is partly due to the technical nature of the subject, which requires some knowledge and experience.

Indeed, hundreds of quality web hosts are competing in this market, and the prices are very different between the various hosting solutions offered. It is why this article is aimed at all beginner webmasters who are still hesitating in their choice. Going back to a few web hosting basics, you should, after reading this article, be more aware of what is at stakes when picking a web hosting company.

What you need to create a successful website

As with any other subject, it is better to have a global vision of a situation to understand it. The creation of a website involves three critical elements on which you must be aware off. Thus, each new project launch automatically leads to the acquisition of a domain name. It is the address of your site, the one that your customers will visit you at – for example,

Investing in meilleur hebergeur web is the second step in the process. It will store your site on its servers (storage of all your pages, photos, articles, customer information, etc.). Finally, the last step is to choose a CMS or content management system. WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla are some examples of well-known CMS, and allow millions of users to create a site without too many difficulties.

We sincerely recommend you to start by taking the domain name and web hosting within the same company. Note that the reverse is possible, but in this case, you will have to perform some manipulations in the DNS part to transfer your domain name… Some more worries, when you start, that can be avoided. Now that we have determined the three most important elements, it is time to focus more on web hosting and the resources needed to run your site decently.

Which resources are essential to define your web hosting needs?

It is one of the major questions for any web admin. And for a good reason, choosing the wrong web hosting can have unfortunate consequences on your business if it turns out to be not adapted to your real needs. The quality of your hosting provider will, among other things, affect the speed of your website, regardless of the number of visitors you get. Without going into technical details, you must take into account two main data to make your choice :

How many people visit your website each day?

How many requests are sent to the server for the most visited pages?

Answering these two questions can already guide you in your choice of a web host:

web servers for performanceShared: you share your web host with other sites. The costs are lowered, but this solution is not viable for sites destined to receive a lot of traffic.

VPS: if this system requires strong knowledge, the VPS will allow you to create several virtual servers, for a good quality/price ratio.
Dedicated: you are alone on your host and therefore take full advantage of its services while having the possibility to configure it according to your needs.

Cloud: you only pay for the space and ressources you need. It is a very flexible method, but make sure that your provider is able to ensure the security of your data since it is generally outsourced.

Note that some companies, such as PlanetHoster, offer innovative solutions that allow you to manage the allocation of resources in complete autonomy. Starting at only 6 euros/month, you are allocated a pool of predefined resources that you can distribute among your different sites as you wish. Their Hybrid Cloud plan offers even more power according to our tests!