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PlayStation 5: Sony unveils the features of its PS5

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PlayStation 5 unveilled

Sony has decided to talk about its PS5 without waiting for a possible conference. The firm has decided to confirm several of the characteristics of its future console.

Interface designed for multiplayer games

Multiplayer games are becoming popular. Sony is finally allowing players from other consoles to come and play with PlayStation players. Sony, out of necessity, changed the philosophy of the console interface. Without showing screenshots for the moment, Sony explains that the interface will now offer players activities rather than forcing them to launch independently of the games.

For example, it would be possible to see quests offered by games, or multiplayer matches without having to start the games in question. Sony wants to reduce friction between several game sessions.

Partial installation of the games

Mark Cerny announced that PlayStation 5 will be able to manage a modular setup of the games, unlike the PS4. He explained that it would be possible “to install only the multiplayer mode of a game” or on the contrary, “only its single-player campaign.”

4K Blu-ray player

The PS5 will include a Blu-ray optical drive capable of reading 100GB discs. That is an element that the PlayStation 4 Pro was devoid of and that played in favor of the Xbox One X over the previous generation.

DualShock 4 controller with dynamic triggers

The prototype of the PS5 controller is very similar to the DualShock 4 that now comes with the PS4. Sony strangely does not confirm the name of the controller, even if we imagine that it should be the DualShock 5.

One of the exciting new features of the controller is the integration of adaptive triggers, i. e. dynamic triggers whose resistance can change depending on the context of the game.

The vibration greatly improved, and we are thinking here of the progress that has been made by brands such as Google and Apple in the field of smartphones. We also remember the Switch’s Joy-Cons’ HD Rumble feature, which has been adopted very little by game developers. The function built into the new PlayStation controller changes the sensations given by the controller under the fingers according to the game, for example, to feel the texture of material through the noise emitted by the controller’s loudspeaker and vibrations.

Finally, and this is news that will relieve all PlayStation players, the controller features a larger battery and a Type-C USB connector instead of a USB microphone. It leaves hope for increased range, although the new features of the controller could lead to increased power consumption.

Material Ray tracing

In April, Sony was unveiling some of the features of its new console. Through the voice of Mark Cerny, in charge of the console’s design, the brand had confirmed that ray tracing will come with the PS5 would mark the arrival of ray tracing. However, he had been unclear about the implementation of this ray tracing, while Microsoft promised for its Scarlett real-time hardware management of this technology.