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connected watches murder mystery

Australia: a connected watch helps solve a murder

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The heart rate detected by a connected watch helped to solve a murder in Australia. The data invalidated the testimony of the victim’s daughter-in-law, the main suspect in this case.

While the data collected by digital tools can violate privacy, they can also be used to solve a murder. For example, in Australia, a connected watch solved a murder dating back to 2016 ABC report.

In September 2016, Myrna Nilsson was found dead in her house in Adelaide. Around 10:10 p.m., a neighbor calls the police after Caroline Dela Rose Nilsson, the victim’s daughter-in-law, left the house in a visible panic.

According to the latter, her mother-in-law was followed by men in a van before having an altercation of about 20 minutes with them. They would then have entered the house before killing her.

But this version of the facts has been denied by… a connected watch. “The Apple Watch is fundamental evidence that shows that the defendant’s explanation is false,” said prosecutor Carmen Matteo. The watch recorded the victim’s heart rate, and according to the prosecutor, the data would coincide with shocks and loss of consciousness. “She must have been attacked around 6:38 pm and probably died around 6:45 p. m.”

Schedules that do not match

However, the victim’s daughter-in-law said she gave the alert just after the attack at 10 p.m., more than three hours later. According to the prosecutor, “it’s time to stage… to clean and get rid of bloody clothes”.

Besides, the neighbor had reported that he had never seen a van in front of the house, and DNA tests had not confirmed the presence of others in the victim’s home.

While Caroline Dela Rose Nilsson was a suspect from the beginning, the police were only able to arrest her recently thanks to the connected watch. He was denied bail. The case will be brought before the courts again in June 2019.


Smart Wearable Technology

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The technology for wearable technology has only just scratched the surface even though they are so impressive. Companies like Apple, Google, Oculus, Samsung, etc.  These devices surely prove to be incredibly useful to the wearer because they provide real-time statistics of their daily activities, if and when those features are turned on. The companies actually market them based on these amazing tracking features. Some of these devices, like the Apple Watch, don’t even need a phone nearby to carry out all of their functions. They have some motion sensors which are embedded in them, which in most cases are amazingly accurate. We can easily say that after the invention of the modern smartphone, the advent of wearable technology was and still is the next big thing; because that’s what all of these companies are all about, “the next big thing.” I have listed out some of the most famous and incredibly hyped up devices right now.


amazingly accurate


Fitness trackers have proven to be a best friend to us fitness enthusiasts who really need something to track all of our workouts. Some people track how many calories they burn and consume food depending on that number. They also have apps that dictate what they can and cannot eat. This is usually what celebrities do to maintain their skinny figure and rock hard abs.


Smart watches are now making fitness trackers obsolete because smartwatches have some of the most accurate fitness trackers in them. The best example for this would be the Apple Watch. This watch does way more than tell the time. It is like having a very smartphone on your wrist. People usually use them for calls, messages, emails, getting updated on social media, etc.


Smart glasses from Google, which is also called Google Glass, is exactly something out of a Sci-Fi movie. It is a pair of glasses that also has a transparent display that projects data onto your glass but manages to not obstruct your vision. It can even record your real-life scenarios and do so many things that can help you get through your day.


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Smart jewelry like smart rings and smart bracelets have some sensors embedded in them as well. These things vibrate when your phone receives a call or a notification. They also have some safety feature where you can use it to alert the police or your emergency contacts if you are in some sort of trouble.


Smart clothing and implantable technology: Smart electronic devices are incorporated into clothing and also under your skin to give us some information regarding heartbeat and other medical reasons. These implants can constantly keep track of your vitals and other information.