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What Makes the Google Pixel Watch a Good Investment?

google pixel watch

The Google Pixel ecosystem is different from that of other smartwatches. While the Apple Watch only works with Apple devices, you can use the Google Pixel Watch on your Android device. In contrast, you can’t use it with other smartwatches from other manufacturers.


The new Google Pixel Watch comes with several useful features, including contactless payments and wellness features. The watch also includes a fall detection feature that will alert emergency services if you don’t respond when tapped. This feature isn’t available right out of the box, but will roll out over the coming months.

The Pixel Watch has a stylish design that is made with durability and comfort in mind. The stainless steel body and curved glass design are comfortable to wear. It’s also scratch and water-resistant. It also has a tactile crown that controls on-screen scrolling. Another notable feature is the side button, which opens most recently-used apps.

Other features of the new Pixel Watch include fitness tracking, sleep tracking, and ECG. For instance, you can track your heart rate, get your daily sleep score, and even find out your long-term sleep trends. The watch also features more than 40 workout presets.


The new Google Pixel watch has a domed, circular design and is compatible with Wear OS by Google. To get the most out of the watch, you need an Android 8.0 or newer phone, a Google Account and Internet access. Some features require a paid subscription. If you have a Fitbit account, you can also use the Fitbit app and log in to the watch with your account information.

What makes the new Google pixel watch a good investment

Google is planning to release a cellular-capable version of the watch sometime in October, which will cost an additional $400. The price of the new Google Pixel watch will start at $350 for the Wi-Fi version, and $400 for the cellular-capable version. While Google has not disclosed pricing details, it is expected that the price will be similar to that of Apple’s Watch Series 8 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. The device will be available in the UK and Europe later this fall.

Battery life

The new Google Pixel watch comes with a 294 mAh battery, which is rated for up to 24 hours of use. In addition to this, the watch uses software features such as “Full Doze Mode” to conserve battery life. This feature turns off the display and all notifications when the watch is off or in use. However, it’s important to note that this feature must be enabled manually each day.

The Pixel Watch’s battery life is similar to other smartwatches on the market. It has a 300mAh battery, which is significantly larger than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 5. The Samsung watch, on the other hand, has a smaller battery but can last up to 80 hours on a single charge.

Third-party apps

The Pixel Watch supports Google Maps and other third-party apps, but software could be better. While it supports Google services, it is limited to showing navigations from the phone it is connected to. The watch cannot control the Google Home and the camera is limited. It also has basic functionality.

A key difference between the Pixel Watch and other smartwatches is that the ecosystem is built around Android. The Apple Watch, for example, only works with iOS devices. The Pixel Watch is compatible with Android devices, but the ecosystem is not as strong as that of Apple.

Although it’s not perfect, the Pixel Watch has a great deal of potential. Despite its huge bezel and wasted space around the sides, it’s still an impressive smartwatch that can rival the Apple Watch and other leading smartwatches. With the growing number of third-party apps, the Pixel Watch is a solid investment.

Fall detection

The new Google Pixel Watch is not going to have fall detection until 2023, but it will have an emergency SOS feature right out of the box. This feature lets you quickly and conveniently call emergency services. The watch also allows you to choose who you want to alert in case of an emergency. While these features are great for any situation, a fall detection feature can be especially helpful if you experience a hard fall. This feature will send a message to selected contacts as soon as you fall, and they can respond accordingly.

This feature has been available in the Apple Watch for some time, and it automatically connects to emergency services when the wearer falls. In addition, the watch can even be set to automatically dial a pre-set contact in case of an emergency. Google has been working on this feature for a long time, and it will be available to all Pixel Watch users in 2023.