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iOS 13: Apple works on a new feature, so you never lose anything again

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Apple is working on a new feature for iOS 13 that would allow it to find objects through its Find My application, which so far offers the option of searching only for people and devices. This new feature could be integrated into a tag tracking system. This rumor is provided by the MacRumors portal, which has found a new button in the “app” in which “objects” can be read, and which appears next to “people” and “devices.”

When you click on this button, a map is displayed at the top of the screen where a dot indicates where the object the user is looking for is located. You can also see a menu at the bottom where images of several items (keys, suitcase, and bicycle) appear. On the other hand, the “me” icon of the application goes to the top right of the screen.

The middle highlights another button that appears when you click on “objects” where it says “add B389”. It is the codename that has internally received this possible new feature that Apple is working on. It is a service similar to that offered by Tile, an application that puts a physical tag on the object so that the user can know its location at all times. It then adds it to the “app” and activates it by joining the two devices together. Thus, if the object is lost, the user can find its exact location through the application.


In the case of Apple, a message appears that says, “Keep track of all your daily items,” and describes it as “tag all your daily items with B389 and never lose them again. On the other hand, according to the media cited, the construction of iOS 13 indicates that the user will receive a notification when separated from the tagged object. And that, if necessary, users can click on a button in Find My, which will make the object’s physical tag start to sound noisy to make it easier to find the lost object.

If the object cannot be found, the tag can be set to “lost mode,” so that if another iPhone user finds it, they will be able to access the owner’s phone number and contact the owner. Furthermore, in this case, the affected person will receive a notification immediately indicating that his object has been found.

The new functionality also allows you to set “safe locations” so that a user is not notified if an object is left at one or more specific locations. Besides, they will be able to share the location of their belongings with their friends and family. Finally, the media has pointed out that augmented reality would also play a role in this new function, being able to incorporate Apple ARKit tools. Thus, the construction of iOs 13 includes the figure of a red 3D globe that, they say, could help users mark the point where they have lost an object after having scanned their room with their iPhone. It also includes a 2D orange balloon image.